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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 3, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: you consider line
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clouds during the performance of this should fox. >>reporter: metal to the fact the cold air will strive and stability if you like it to him for the fiscal forecast numbers in the fifth is pretty much the a.m.. >>robin winston: heading into san francisco the castellanus the fast-track plan they're all so long that the into the maze
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is solid from 580 apple 24 at march 24th to 580 e and a few come from the extra freeware westbound 80 it's a lot of topical traffic through all the berkeley and repeal a stretches all the way back to an image hot spots with its about 38 minutes to get impanel to downtown san francisco. >>mark: police investigating a deadly shooting he was a map of where happen on too long stream. >>james: will have build and share with you this is into the newsroom this morning if it shows the police a senate when was i could to see the tip of the officers at the scene looking for evidence try to piece together the man led up to this it happened on to lane avenue in georgetown streets. >>james: keep attuned and the
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gall to get to check for updates on our website. >>darya: his mother has passed away in maryland county should guide the lesson and a home in sausalito and she was 69 years old and the marin county shares of the session died of after suffering from an apparent heart attack the former forty-niner than a stubblefield is arrested and charged with raping the development of a disabled woman to the linebacker is out of jail this morning.
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>>jackie sissel: the opposite will be at and the 45 drums of filled who spent most of his 11 seasons with the san francisco 49 and is convicted of discharges defense of to 16 years in prison here is a video from last night when stubblefield was released from the santa clara jail if authority said that the alleged attack happened at has morgan hill home and back in april of last year according to court documents he had contacted was described and developmentally disabled person to of babysitting the service if
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according to authorities the victim says the she contacted morgan hill police almost immediately for retest was done, and the and it was collected and that dna was traced back to stubblefield. >>jackie sissel: as far as the attorney he says the there was consensual sex that happened between the two and this is nothing more than a monograph by this alleged victim. >>jackie sissel: who will be there at 930 to cover the entire case.
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>>mark: will have more details on the rest including the affidavit from police and you can wash the full video him walking on the santa clara county main jail.
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>>will tran: the warriors said 730 the oakland a's and seven of five months and in encouraging it to give him very early few one parking spot and did not want to fight for parking spot of the traffic is always hesitated to say does not matter as up to his coach and management and looks like that old, once again but there is a chance and he's hoping to return for game 3 and portland this latest version that have been killing and that the patrol blazers and the close-up the houston rockets and the pretty much used to playing without steph curry if it's you want to
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go to tonight's game to clinch sold all but there are some tickets for people who cannot make an and they're looking to make some money in it is reasonable. >>will tran: margot t-shirts ready to go the first 10,000 fans will get a flat and also
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some strength in numbers a lot going on the have the quick should lie to them we will wait and see if steph curry maybe conventicles the will to tonight more fan reaction coming up o'clock. >>mark: that economic pressure game 3 of this best of seven series the sharks leading two games to none knew this morning repairs to a water main break and run the are now finished.
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to >>darya: nearby homes did get some water damage is a laudable backed out this morning fixing and water main break in lafayette fabric was reported about 7:00 last at an internal row and wins the drive and 8 in. cast iron man broke and about 60 customers lost to what a service. >>mark: to happen and a quick stops for on 7:00 yesterday morning as they say he with ex- boyfriend of the victim the 27 year-old they believe the two identified before the shooting a store clerk who tried to protect was shot and hand off as expected to be ok.
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>>darya: they worked with the victim to identify it as the suspect he was booked into santa clara county jail. >>mark: in exchange for the testimony against the of the drifters accused and the murder may remember a canadian back after was killed in golden gate park last october during the harlem district a bluegrass festival to a visitor a yoga instructor was shot and killed while walking his dog on the trail america accounting.
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>>darya: the missions listed with the pull to cent capping the told the mayor to meet him at city hall to talk this afternoon with they're beginning of march from the police station. more people are saying they want to leave the bay area in the next few years find out why.
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>>reporter: to separate it in something of the cause of some stocks are riding but here's a look at the temperatures were pretty much mid to upper 50s at this hour.
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>>reporter: back to the business of the chilly fifth digit is covering all of the bay area to martin a. him again might be in the '50s as late as 10:00 tomorrow morning with a lot of the cloud cover high to the union city 72 as well is matched for fremont. >>robin winston: business to
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train people getting through it was right here at for bell do expect residual delays for taking part this morning it will impact right heading to and from fremont once again police activity cleared the for of them stationed oakland the one. the station was closed and the times of one car without stopping. >>robin winston: its course before the toll plaza ride around industrial is jammed and the flat section it picks up a high-rise it is less to 25 minutes to get from a 80 over to the bayshore freeway.
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>>mark: their reports as large as 3 in. in the storm's including tennis ball size and parts of virginia californians seem the what is wanted in years the experts are saying the come fire season could be just as bad as ever. >>darya: also sending crews of to cut back weeds that could be
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a hazard the county is also some know this is the home owners. >>darya: the also to remind people to be careful when use equipment and lawn mowers and would watch the convict and sparked a fire. >>mark: 1 the third people already ready to leave the bay area and the next few years the council and the to: compaq 4 getting overwhelmed by high rents and affordable mortgages look you in traffic jams the one cause people serving 84 percent said they will consider leaving the area they said they want to lead boston in between 40 to 60 percent of their income on housing hough. >>james: they receive the
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endorsement in the and the governor but it may be too little too late of course for the texas senator he track are a large margin has a double-digit lead in most recent polls thompson's if he does when today in his mind the race is officially over for the others. >>james: the was, trump and to the democratic side still ticket heat from bernie sanders to stir
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in the senate in 200179 bernie sanders trailing his total of 1400 s to the republicans who have done trout with commendably 1000 students assigned to him tentacle second with a 5 1/7 to. >>darya: that often 250,000 hours to help with response efforts and talents as the real from the effects of lead contaminated water to grants announced yesterday and the loss of your bass company says that the first grand hall of researchers from the tech the
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second grant will go toward local nonprofits. >>darya: he is one to speak with community members michigan decided to save water two years ago this was in the water supply from the canton to and the water was not properly treated so lead for paging service lines began seeping into the water and. >>mark: the behof of the college faculty employees to carry handguns on campus and have department and became law yesterday the governor released a statement explaining his decision in the choir isn't
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those caring firearms of have this notify law-enforcement have time. >>mark: back with more news weather and traffic
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>>mark: the full switchers released he said the two people were to draw cash from victim's bank account after she disclosed her confirmation after the transaction always matured close
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of transactions at an atm and always be aware of your surroundings. >>darya: about $1.2 million will cover the city's legal cost the rest of the money will be used to cover repairs to the damage caused by the cries of sfo three people were killed.
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>>mark: this edition considered armed and dangerous a baby is rescued from the rubble of the collapsed building three days after the building went down and kenya 20 people worked in the bill but down on friday 93 people are still missing this morning and still don't know.
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>>mark: the city and is a plan to tear down the structure this week with a small sum is the out in american history curator has acceded to the lead the mothers will discuss preserving it became a makeshift morgue after his death the family support to relocating the gazebo and displaying it in a museum to this court case is the direct and related to the price hike
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into a traveling this summer why you should plan on getting to the airport hours before your flight.
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>>robin winston: to the average drive time is less than two to five minutes from the man next to the bayshore freeway that some of the county to broadway's biggest, the best musical it is up against the plays of bright stars will of rock shuffle
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along on which of the town is a hosted by james quarter run joint of. >>mark: 2 combination of you to assist renters and the growing number of passengers to the official said there added more screening officers to but we times will not improve in the terms and more than 220 may people are expected to fly just during july and august. >>darya: that person, not just in time for the summer if not want to fly a plan to try to your summer vacation the prices
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are highest level they've seen in more than six months prices are still the lowest levels san francisco and has passed along with 295 a gallon.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: and this is locked in the bay area news of dana stubblefield will have the heart of former ford and is the have trouble with the law but this one and is the right applications he played for 49 hours and the 96.
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>>darya: up we will cook and resettled this is a violent crime that he is accused of if you're growing of and that is your one opportunity to go to college to put your parents in a better saturation.
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>>gary: how many of us for the night personnel. a lot of people have had a come on them this the the film will see what his side says it will have a news conference in just a couple of hours of 913 chases and the shipment was home for in an interview and that he raped her and she went right to the police and to the dna.
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>>gary: the disports lot to watch to nine will have the sharks to watch and then at the same time the oakland a's and the war is a vast quantities of.
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>>gary: a lot of people said no solid again but its a playoff and and figure part will play a little better but san antonio to dominated the first game in san antonio in the war years and then this game when write to the finish and that was a wild in it was an obvious flaw that was missed by the referee. >>darya: it shows a fan on this
7:50 am
plan has contested the shot. >>gary: that was a wild finish with at the end of the day that is pretty much an unwritten rule of the referees do not want to decide the game on a call.
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>>darya: the house of that, at one to 2000.
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>> darya: the real and in rio de janeiro. the olympics will start in august 5th. protesters will be marching against the games. they're using public and private money to prepare for the event. >> mark: the most expensive lunch in the world is going and sells and we. will tell you how you can get that. police are investigating at the reshooting in palmetto. the gunman is still
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aims as >> james: to box scores mother has passed away. we'll have an update on the moment. >> reporter: of tories are for me a charge for former forty- niners player. we'll have a live report. >> reporter: warriors and the
8:00 am
blazers will be playing with each other. i'll have the details when we have a live report. >> reporter: we have a lot of cloud cover. it may affect the a's game tonight. for their easter slapshot at walnut creek all the cars are lined up their syllabus son tried to climb through. temperatures are still on the 50 degree range. san francisco is 51. cedras has 52. it comes down like this by the noon hour we get very macleod's that's an optimistic with looking at things. the lid temperatures are approaching the '80s. by 5:00 in obesity for
8:01 am
inland. we're talking all but arraigned in the middle east. have more details about that when we come back. grumman >> robin: we have no bad news going and. we have no hot spots. there is to be traffic. it is backed up through the maze out of oakland. at 580 west of the often non and sally and her. from the shore freeway is jammed often non out of hercules. it is not bad on the bridge is backed up on the approach. pollack and 92 and the cemetery ridge allowed to drag times for the spate. >> mark: the mother of artists to box score has passed away. we have a report. >> james: she died late last night. she was 69. at about 43
8:02 am
this morning confirming that she in fact passed away. tippees' went for home at 93 last night and their reports that someone was having a cardiac arrests. when they arrived they took a hospital has about 1030 when she was pronounced dead. the fisher cause of death is under investigation. we're getting word from the medical examiner. she was the subject of many of to box songs. what more details later. >> mark: davis stubblefield has been charged with raping a developing them disabled woman. >> darya: he is out of dallas morning. we're waiting here is that the story from the attorney. he'll be speaking in about an hour-and-a-half. we have a reporter there.
8:03 am
>> jackie: and outside of the office building in saddles at. data some of bell's attorney will address the charges against his client. if convicted the 45 year-old man who spent most of his 11 year career in the 49ers if he's convicted you save up to 60 years in prison. his video from last night with stubblefield was released from santa clara main jail after posting to a $50,000 bail but bond. according to authorities. this happened in april last year at the player's home in morgan hill. accorded documents stubblefield contacted the victim is being described as bellamy disabled. is through a dating service. according to
8:04 am
documents as they came for his interview. she laughed and until filled allegedly texas air so she could come back and be paid for time. that's when the doctors say the alleged rape happens. or in a police say that that she contacted them immediately and the collected dna sample from her and that dna was traced back to stubblefield. so philips attorney does not dispute the fact that they had sex. he says they were considered consentual. the reason why he's going after the fight is because the money. >>: she then takes a dim 20 times asking for money. this has nothing to do with rape has everything to do with a money grab. >> jackie: the attorney spoke last night. and my 30 they'll
8:05 am
have a more comprehensive or he will release documents including text between to prove his client's innocence. we'll be here in the press covered. >> mark: days of those arrested just wind with forty-niners arrest. one was charge of shoving ex-girlfriend. another was added the wide. alan smith was arrested five times for the white. chris culver was interested in connection to a head run in sandoz ag. but very >> darya: the playoff run for the warriors is going on. they hope to beat the trailblazers.
8:06 am
>> tran: this is the third time when the azores are playing at the same time. you have to get there early before the traffic. as always public transportation. the a's game is right next door. chile's some highlights of game 1. this new version of the golden state warriors would love that steph curry on the court but they are doing just fine without him. the cause of the rockets in game 591 also against astrologers. there's a lot of confidence i do know that staff wants to play tonight and is already been ruled out. that's good news that he does feel good enough to play. of course all athletes want to play whether they're ready to or not. as far as the latest version goes we are in oracle and we ran out to a cop shop to reaction from fans and what they think of the warriors
8:07 am
to point out. >>: the second and third stringers are played very well. we have a great team. i do not think these should rest of permanent injury to steph curry. the disney to rest it. i think asian recipe well. >> tran: staff is hoping to play in game 3. so far coach curry has not sent yesterday. many fans are saying is that what i see if steph curry could set for a whole series. if you wanted it to its games there are some tickets available even the tickets sold out. this is from ticketmaster upper level one of three lower-level when 60 and courtside 548. if you want to go
8:08 am
also is a warrior stock, is a place to go. the first 37 cars a parking lot will get along warrior shellac. we listened to all the hours from tipoff. >> mark: sat as a shark's all to continue their >> stanley: cup pursuit. they are taking on the predators'. we have a game 3 of the best seven series. the sharks leading two games to none. they're leading the game goals the for the postseason. >> darya: all eyes are on indiana. voters are eligible for the primaries. you look at the leaders. severe the
8:09 am
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the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone.
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>> darya: using your kids are addicted their phones? they are addicted is a real thing. figure since a teenagers feel like they're addicted. or the 12 other parents to kids responded
8:12 am
to the survey. experts say addiction to technology is a real problem. some parts of the world even consider it a public health threat. researchers found that two-thirds of parents think their teens spend too much time on the funds. parents you're right. kids are probably looking at you saying now. perhaps >> reporter: with seven going around the bay area. what briefly open skies will open up. by 5:00 give their bluff plows remaining. the beaches will be in the '60s and below. one of the forecast when we continue.
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>> mark: thunderstorm's rocking parties coast a. legal hitting the capitol building in washington d.c.. they even have thought of flood warnings in maryland and washington. their
8:16 am
water rescues drop the night car. as were standing in water and stalling out. there also reports of hal bridges tennis ball size tales. perhaps >> reporter: tennis by ball sized hail. imagine your car in that type of thing. we have this going on we had a few claps of thunder and lightning. here's a look at the golden gate bridge and it's still with the cloud cover. we're still in the '50s all over the bay from the perimeter of the bay natural in the 584 livermore. let's go
8:17 am
ahead and and look here at the pursuit asian. there will clouts because we think the sonics out and allow the sun to come out of debt. need that in order for the temperatures decline. no clear bit by the clock and reestablish themselves overnight. here wednesday he rego was some showers developing at the north bay and east bay. in midafternoon and some daytime heating and allows a holder of stairs and then mixing go crazy. it is thursday it looks like a leader with alow a route our backyard. a lot of moisture but has some dynamics worth noting. the upper 60s lower 70's on the space shoreline are. forecasts shows was a thursday and friday commercialism that should clear up by the weekend.
8:18 am
maybe not the coast and should warm up next week. >> robin: its low of 92. they're getting tricky without many major hot spots. got to deal with that typical traffic out with 92 coming at a hayward going into the peninsula. it's off and on to 11 which is credited most directions. the drive time is of 25 from here to send details. let's go over the richmond center felt rich it's backed up to castro threw across van with no problems in the north bay. cephalon is the typical slowing brown for 37 quantify the split. here the travel times its slow the normal in places like east bay by the u.s. system differed minutes. the major problems here it is a
8:19 am
stand-up leaving san leandro all the way into downtown oakland. living for the south bay into the peninsula to see a heavy in pockets it is and four minutes from to 37 along the peninsula going into the airport. >> mark: wohlers and in the and orbital polls today to choose the nominees for the republican and democratic parties. >> james: in a normal election cycle in the and when i get the near the attention that it is. this is no ordinary presidential election. every delegate is vital for the caddis. takers received the endorsement from mike pence yesterday. this state seems like it's too late for the texas senator. trump has a double-digit lead in most polls . says if you is the day he says that is over. >>: indiana's very important if.
8:20 am
i when nazi animate. we have to wait till the following to say. i think indiana will be great. we're having such popularity here. >> james: hears every clinton beating your sanders. in the delegate count. insisted yesterday he zealand can beat the donald trumps. indiana offers of 57 delegates the republicans. it offers 83 to the democrats were. say and take some many. here's a dog town for the democrats. hillary clinton has a strong lead she currently has 20079 delegates. bring sanders is quite a bit behind. other republican side donald trump as 1000 to delegates. cruz is the second place and case is an third. any 1002 and 37
8:21 am
delegates to clinch the nomination. will have to seek the next big primary after indiana which is in california. alice say that when donald trump finally gets over that 1237 delegates. >> darya: cruz and have finished their repair work on a broken water main. the story that refers grow here yesterday. we told you about the water main breaking live on the air of. your show the video of this water rushing through. this happened in the area drive. crews completed their paris. the repaving was also down about 10:00 last night. to nearby homes did suffer some water damage. >> darya: there also facing a break at lafayette. this was done at 7:00 last night. and 88
8:22 am
cast-iron main broke. about 60 customers lost order servers grew. should have that done within the hour. >> mark: in the south bay a 23 year man is behind bars he is charged of molesting a girl. he a live in gilroy over the web and new woman entered niece went to the police headquarters they said the child had molested in a hotel. investigators were evicted to identify by all and the suspect. >> darya: there's also a man behind bars for the shooting killing of his ex-girlfriend at an antioch police or. thomas williams jr. was the arrest outside the police department. the shooting happened at a quick stop a consummate politician morning. he was the ex-boyfriend of the victim. the victim was killed her name was scythia flores. the two got into fights
8:23 am
before the shooting. circle are dotted in the way was shot than. >> darya: protesters are and their hunger strike in several cisco. they want police chief to step down because of release shootings. they tell the mayor that they should meet him at city hall. they'll be having a march at the police station. >> mark: warren buffett is auctioning separate private bill to a meal with him. milliken the bay bridge at 823 on a foggy morning. we are backed up.
8:24 am
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keep calm, your internet's on. >> darya: new this morning animated musical hamilton has grabbed a record-breaking 16 tony awards nominations. it is came in this morning. is the most tony in broadway history. the hip-hop biography is about that first u.s. treasury secretary. your receive 60 nominations. breaks the record
8:27 am
of 50 nominations which was the producers and also billy elliott. it was nominated for almost every category. includes best new musical. the 20 or to be and out on june 12th. >> mark: the most expensive was the world when and sell this last month. there will be with warren buffett. it's to help the homeless and simmer cisco. the bid for lunch as top $2 million. many people want to be with them and asking for financial vice. the auction runs through june 5th and june 10th. the winner can invite up to 10 friends. >> darya: pleaded not have to pay for the lunch. with his day after $2 million.
8:28 am
>> mark: is probably the most interesting and in the world. it looks like he loves the frozen treats. quarter we >> darya: will have weather and traffic. >> reporter: elected sfo. towards the east this community work or. some of the two-hour delay out there. we'll have your forecast is for a. >> mark: police are looking for a person in by in the deadly overnight shooting on want peninsula.
8:29 am
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>> darya: lets look at weather and traffic. >> reporter: but the debate bridge you have them all stock in their. dark clouds and cars. this will put up a little
8:31 am
today. for the fifties right now. in the north face in the middle to upper 50s. easier the temperatures. by about 3:00 for so timber shall get up into the upper 60s to low 70's. well details about the star activity later. >> robin: had the bay bridge is still quite so i. new crash as pop that the west filed any. to later blocked with no injuries. its steady at all but at the over crossing. this is a crash in mexico it will be. heavy be also quick about a date for this
8:32 am
bridge is crawling at the mid span all the way to the bayfront expressed white. ill take 25 to from a gift for fremont to been a part. >> mark: police are investigating a deadly shooting in east palo alto. we're following this story. >> james: the shooter is still a loose. here is the video at all talk about the new information from the past by its. the shooting happened ratify this morning at a city hundred block of tulane ave. the city came in this morning. he's a 27 year-old east palo command they knew the victim must. officers found the man suffering from gunshot wounds and they tried to do cpr with them. tamale he was pronounced dead. that limited suspect information
8:33 am
have not established a motive for the shooting. the agony of the victim is also being without intel this next of kin had been notified. i number of information we are still trying to find out more. we'll have more from asian about it. >> mark: within the past hour at american serviceman was killed in iraq was a navy stealth. he was a adviser to kurdish forces and was killed and isis assaults. the fed secretary ash carter confirmed the reports this morning. solano the service member's name. but president biden was iraq last week to speak with leaders about defeating the islamic state. the aba ministration has been pressing the effort against ices which has been slow down in its quest to overwrought and iraq. but eric
8:34 am
>> darya: east bay berkeley is taking steps to fight against. sexual against they would like to know what sexual rest is and they are educating people on that. they will hire more people to investigate reports of harassment. this is after several allegations of sexual- harassment including one against a basket coach and another one involving a professor. 1911 misstated for this. the women on campus to the new program is a step in the right direction. >>: it's free scary to me that this is happening where a steady. i was very surprised and very scared. now the gynecologist right helpless i feel a little more light. i am still a little scared. the notion of >>: this is so people can know what to do in the situation. >> darya: the ever says the
8:35 am
program will start next week. >> mark: the seventh aboard survivors will consider a settlement from a.c. hannah allied following the daily cash to testify. would to million dollars would go toward successes. the loss of 02 repair of the crash and the airport at sfo. the pilots were blamed for the air speed not being maintained. there also blamed the auto throttle and autopilots. >> darya: fearful place or looking for a man who is about the shooting. the shipping happen around one-third issue morning near the city hundred block of north texas with. this was the gun and the belief. these events focus is it described as a black man in his
8:36 am
20s five-to-10 and to wear pants. here is the vehicle is the late nineties or early 2000's while lexus es 300. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> mark: abb has been rescued from rubble of building in kenya. the big news about your old and is pulled from 73 building this morning. these are images of the rescue. pill from hostile said the baby had no physical injuries and is being treated for dehydration. mr. f for more than 80 hours. price report killed when the building collapsed. may 3rd others are still missing. investigators are trying to see what caused the building to collapse. >> darya: the smithsonian was the gazebo in cleveland word pro cleveland rise was shot to death by the police. they wanted to tear it down the
8:37 am
smithsonian. american history curator as the city to delay demolition of the talk about preserving the gazebo. the zero became a marked shift more after the death in 2014. the rice family supports it. >> darya: mar and scrawly heads back to court today in brooklyn. this is on fraud charges brought. you say that the siphon money was companies to pay off bad investments made by another one of his company's. is also accused of lying to investors. scali increase the the price of a cancer and aids treatment drug by 5000 percent last year. >> mark: is the sale looking for a thief who stole donation jar from a diner in concord. the money was supposed to go towards people of autism. l have been a
8:38 am
matter second the storm kuwait faces even to the parking lot. he jumped into a waiting car and got away. the employee says there's a silver lining to read every. actually really thankful >>: or donating way more money out that was before. bork attributing our and the bay area. >> mark: the donations help the special kids foundation. but laura >> darya: u.s. military is testing the largest unmanned ship. the bay area company is recalling its famous sea life should not drink this particular treaty. so everywhere is behind us. a throng to the fire season. have tips on how to protect rome during the fire season
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> mark: u.s. military is now testing the world's largest unmanned ship off the coast of california. here's a closer look it's a self driving when a 32 ft. boat designed to travel thousands of miles of the sea without cursing the crew member. it's called the scienter. will be tested off the coast salmon diego over the next year's. the ship could revolutionize the military and
8:42 am
commercial. the altus said unmanned cargo ships between nations. officials will look at the ship's ability to act of some to avoid collisions. >> robin: are tracking the canada 92. on the san mateo bridge the writer is jammed all to wait 11 connecting it to sematech. we'll return after this.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> darya: how's the weather? >> reporter: the temperatures was a top cover. as far as the precepts will it will talk about that. here's a feature cast. with the daytime heating and the progress goes and takes up to 2:00. it will toted the spatial and with some chili '60s. of the lower 77 should. overnight at
8:45 am
1:00 a.m. the fifties will be in control. into tomorrows was a process that tim was a '50's still possible in some trees in the spray as late as 10:00 a.m.. the warm-up will not be as impressive. this is due to nothing in the elements for tomorrow. the cattle coming go. perhaps the shower in not hamilton. keppel little for the evening hours and for the night he does mostly cloudy for the overnight hours. tomorrow it will get interesting. this is this something dropping in as the systems have and always a long. this is more of a scattered idea as is due to the low cut off. this is because of the cold weather of stairs. we get some scattered showers better thundershowers with perhaps also hailed as a clubs of thunder. the city for tomorrow and thursday we agree as late as friday. right
8:46 am
tempters middle '70s at work at any talk and may get in the '80s. we have wednesday and thursday with those isolated thundershowers. friday zero clear of lotus. we can look better as. a warms as you cannot follow some kron 4 account. >> robin: is still calling out there on the bay bridge. we've got a couple of fender benders with nothing major one crashed before the plaza at once the wrapping up at west and. it's blocking berlin so it's adding to the jam up. it will take around 26 recent minutes to get from oakland to the sky way. this is from the tunnel for the suspension. at the golden gate bridge at 11 it's a breeze compared to the bay bridge. we have no problems heading into downtown san francisco. it's a
8:47 am
40 minute drive because of the portion of the slowdown from 37 to the bridge. south of center felt its us with dried. the trial judge for the south bay it's still packed with no major problems. it's 50 minutes from no. 12 south settle state to palo alto. is recovering from a crash and social better. it is an assertiveness from north to lady sat as a cupertino and slowing pockets from what the department is in that's a trip to 11. >> darya: of bay area based company is recalling t. this is because they could mckissick. republic of tea is had order in the bottle. officials are saying they should not treat the spice of light green tea. they say that to throw away and that. will give you the dates to that
8:48 am
it could have salmonella in the sea. this is the ginger tea it could count 10 and also backs at the fat out. refill out this is no reports of any accidents sick. >> mark: little it is to help with flint michigan. they're offering to tell the city as there recover from the lead contaminated water. the muddle of researchers from your sea of michigan predict which shows are likely that water with tile levels without actually tested the water. researchers will allow to tell people fled to report concerns and request water testing gets. >> mark: present, will be influenced tomorrow. he was sick
8:49 am
with committee members decided. to save money by for switching funds was like for like you're on to the flood never. the water was not properly treated it that led seat in the water. laughlin's prison obama will look at the response to the needs of the residence. what area >> darya: gas prices are going to stop for the summer season. aaa says is that the highest level in more than six months but still that the los level since 2009. after set higher prices have perilous time because more people are driving so there's a greater demand. the price will also come when the refineries shut down. this is a current average of prices. the vallejo it's too soon for a down. also in oakland its u.s. and san jose and also in
8:50 am
december to scope which is also the most expensive at two 95 gal.. >> mark: the upcoming fire season could be just as bad even though we did have more moisture this winter. kron 4 is reporter is looking into this. firefighters say that everybody should think about while fire prevention. >> reporter: tells of the california are green. already the brown is starting to creep in. with that we haven't increased danger of wildfires. the fire protection capt. because it fired says that this could be a bad season for for fires. >>: is converted the entirety that could threaten houses. >> reporter: their marching soil moisture is to see which places
8:51 am
are the biggest danger. the cowboys also setting notice is to homeowners. >>: what beetle to start cutting their weeds. with inspection in the next 35 days will verify people have complied with this. >> reporter: firefighters are as il-2 extinguisher looking material and use caution around lawnmowers chainsaws. >>: decide to remember that we are in the desert. the taino is now and then we'd start getting ready. starch remember all your preparations. >> mark: a solar powered plane making its strong wrote arrived in phoenix. >> james: they're still in
8:52 am
arizona. it is a pretty slow moving aircraft. it's making its way across yet states eventually. it left 5:00 mr. morning. the ride in phoenix last night. out there when it left. this is the end of the late last night. play from white to mount last week. the reason the aircraft are 7000 saw ourselves on the week. that is outflies a night. it charges a battery of through the day and start using it once it goes. it stopped all over the world in china and japan hawaii and that view and will be in phoenix. it will have to stops in the united states. it will go across the atlantic and tried be the first solar confine to fly a round world.
8:53 am
>> mark: france cracked up by quayle in return. the reds pilot six rooms. healy did 46 pitches the most for a pitcher in one inning. he got a nice applause. the giants rallied against the reds with the mayor bad bullpen. they went 9 2/6. >> darya: days are home are are hosting the seattle mariners. the top 7 errors drop 31. aoki sold third base and this one of the left-field the former giants scored easily. for one mariners. chris davis hits is similar and of the game is won a two run job makes it so it's 43
8:54 am
mariners. at the bottom the night to onto route 3 days in jail lowry the finalists one is 43 mariners. >> mark: tillich current temperatures around the bay area. stuck in the '50s with lot of cloud cover. what more the forecast we come back from the break.
8:55 am
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>> robin: we'll bus stop ago traffic. the nimitz freeway traveling through oakland fourth down on the left that to be trafficked in. it is proper the bobber from the coliseum all the way to downtown oakland. we have two home games tonight the a's are home and run across a parking lot of the warriors will also be planning. avoid the nimitz freeway this evening it will be packed. five lady or take bart. >> darya: the new team was accepted into all i believe schools. she chose harvard. schererville decision in a ceremony at the high school yesterday. she went to the
8:57 am
podium and announced that. she says that she'll be going to harvard. this is because of their dedication to students at johns also the daughter of nigerian immigrant. what are put >> mark: firefighters returned put out the flames and knows the fortunes that were a pile. firefighters reignited cans with the mother. >> darya: or checking the chance of rain moving to the bay area.
8:58 am
will talk of the timing of that. we'll talk about poor how far away from the news conference or the white warriors or the lawyers for data so bill will talk biocide of the rape allegations against him. also the warriors will be going into trouble if this and hopefully beat them. we'll take a look that with will at oracle rena.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:01 am
>>reporter: is been a cloud cover this morning as to the look forward to today and should back and cannot inspire particularly in the east bay we need bathtub to pounce on us a little the letter on your the breakdown for you by about the 3:00 hour where the for their book out that means location and timing.
9:02 am
>>robin winston: howe about 24 will take a look at the right to the cocotte coming up in the full report. >>mark: here was a map of where happen on 29 st. we're following this reckoned new--bracken news. >>james: the shooting happened around 1 05 in the morning is in said it was on to land avenue specifically the 1700 block it came to the kron 4 news and just this morning in fact shall the after presents operas about
9:03 am
gunshots being fired they said the victim is 27 your east palo alto man with whom they are familiar with. >>darya: to auction course mother has passed away in marin county she died a class 9.
9:04 am
>>terisa estacio: it was a call of the cardiac arrest she had heart attack she was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead she died in sausalito she was reported off a member of the black panther group will have much more and more details about this case. >>mark: the san francisco forty-
9:05 am
niners has been charged with raping and development with its a good woman. >>jackie sissel: the attorneys are expected to get here by half an hour inside and they were convinced those charges against a client the 45 year-old dana stubblefield according to authorities and ashley happened last april at has morgan hill home according to court doctors
9:06 am
obtained the alleged victim who was described as she reported the incident almost immediately and get a sample was taken from the alleged victim and is ultimately was traced back to the charges were filed against him there was sex between the two but it was consentual this is nothing more than a monograph by this alleged victim. >>: tech some more than 20 occasions asking him from running it is the latest run in
9:07 am
with a lawful, and form for nine players 3 mcdonald has had seven runs with police accuse of domestic violence call this is been arrested five times a weapons charges and the wine and chris culver was invested in connection with the hit-and-run and san jose. i've hi >>darya: the tech on the
9:08 am
portland trail blazers in game 2 tonight. >>will tran: they're so busy of they're getting ready in with 10 and a half hours away from to off the jacket at this is the document for the national audience get here early if you plan to triumph the a's in the war is killing pretty much at the same time 730 for the warriors 75 right next door we do know now that steph curry will not play a game to he's been consistent so far so good as for the war is this new version lushly some highlights of sunday's game with 81 06 against the portland trailblazers game tonight klay
9:09 am
thompson oakley repeat what he did for game 1. >>will tran: 37. steph curry has said he would like to play game 3 but coach carr has not will come in or out at this point so far so good as for the warriors to a half games. >>will tran: his you want to go to tonight's game a lot going on as far as the tickets to the console problem is pretty affordable public transportation
9:10 am
is divided and parking will be very limited one would imagine it will be another $40 with is in for the other games to the have to share parking lot. >>mark: is now leading in detail and go to school season the puck stops tonight in asheville 6:00 our time. >>darya: time is running for public and present hopefuls not name them come will the howe to this i marin indiana could affect the race.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>mark: voters ahead into poland and began on the head of today's primary for the democrats and republicans from
9:13 am
indiana another big factor not just california in the fall run as you have all tied up for tickets to states like indiana but not this year this year the spotlight is on the on and the man on of the last bit delicate crackers before the convention to the crews receive the endorsement indiana gov.. >>james: an accomplice on his part as with the democratic side and the clinton sticky from bernie sanders she is a big lead in a delicate, but yesterday he insisted he is the one in the only one who could win in november against the republicans.
9:14 am
>>james: he was a delicate, stand on the democratic side have the clinton has 200179 bernie sanders has 1400 they need to cause of 383 to secure the nomination before the delegation.
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>robin winston: commute traffic still lingering to live the confined to the ride across the san mateo bridge out to 11 the average track time about two
9:17 am
minutes to the bay shore 580 west live look at the richmond san rafael bridge mine a crowd and helen into alamo is picking up the image of trouble spots to see how the weather is shipping up. >>reporter: 50 popovic the board
9:18 am
for the most part the chilly spot 49 the one spot concord 50 houses dropped a dime. >>reporter: by 10:00 a.m. still pockets of some fifth digit to see in the east bay as late as that to to battle some more clouds somewhere 7 insure but
9:19 am
the most of the upper 60s here to 74 past the ones it does imply denoting will have a chance some of those isolated thundershowers. >>rob black: their politicians in this is their bankers to do something to estimate the coming is moving in that direction to them to come in the world.
9:20 am
>>rob black: we highly recommend this but and the first and foremost the or some great credit cards of them you don't
9:21 am
want to carry a balance all the rewards and gone your pick the lock and you want to ignore interest rates and have often espouses air fare or edge of your friends and their in this case really like war cards if used improperly. >>rob black: choose freedom is a really good car the recommended
9:22 am
you find yourself stopping people you find yourself get the most ideal moment of the life that does a full and i did location and why would i deal caption is highly idealized representation if you find yourself looking at other people spend more time also should be is a sign in this good news because conditions and doctors to now saying between
9:23 am
manitoba the market of just one sentence of a person to between november and april that of almost 6%. >>rob black: if you want to go the more cash and a sum that is fine.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
>>darya: firefighters are getting ready in contra costa county them on a string soil moisture which tells you with the danger is to the fire season.
9:27 am
>>darya: the also want to remind people to be careful we use to a quick like lawn mowers and we'd what those cuts spark fires. >>mark: more than a third of people living here in the bay area are ready to leave the next few years the council conducted a poll found people are getting overwhelmed by high rents affordable mortgages and long, long commute traffic when those people serving a 34 percent said they would consider leaving the bay area most of the people said they want to leave a spending between 40 to 60 percent of their income just on housing.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: this to compete at the weather and traffic. >>reporter: here is a live look for yet to bay bridge.
9:31 am
>>robin winston: to the approach looks a little bit better heading into san francisco it was an accident in the maze and that attracted a couple of the vendors on or near the bridge never anything major heading into the south the because of the crash as sandhill. >>mark: within the past hour or an american serviceman was killed in iraq and he was a navy
9:32 am
seal. >>darya: they're taken steps to fight such harassment on campus to a half-million dollars will go toward training staff and students to know what it is into reported the money will also go toward hiring more people to invest in.
9:33 am
. >>mark: it would dismiss forced to in exchange for testimony against a of the two drifters the canadian backpacker was
9:34 am
killed in golden gate park last october. >>darya: of the protesters are entering 13 days now on hunger strike in san francisco security video catching the man on the video grabbing the charm of the
9:35 am
money was supposed to go toward helping children on tourism the police said all happen in a matter of seconds a store employee did chased the thief in the parking lot with the magic to a waiting car and got away. >>mark: done is to benefit the special kids foundation in brentwood.
9:36 am
9:37 am
>>robin winston: checking back in on the bay bridge is a lot of heavy traffic out there this
9:38 am
morning and thanks to early accidence all minor fender benders but it is packed right now heading into san francisco. >>mark: the area baseball in the red roof of john acquittal as is the turn to read american ballpark was for him in the fall of the six runs an inning of acquittal 46 pitches.
9:39 am
>>darya: they stretched down the string of the final in this 14 to three the mariners win. >>mark: we're watching conditions on the day it is the gloomy two's them back with more news weather track.
9:40 am
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>>stanley roberts: this is another union city transit bus driver behaving badly we spoke to union city transit and they tell us the bus drivers are required to make a full complete stop and the both ways before proceeding across road crossings this includes the usual suspects.
9:44 am
>>stanley roberts: the driver is no longer in the choose to ignore this in passenger safety in the process school buses are required to stop open the door and the cellist and more
9:45 am
training and work for the record and the sign for not stopping if it operated bus crushed 490,000 up 1 and have your record the last four years. >>reporter: from the premier of the bay is a perfect answer right now the area metro is you
9:46 am
go for what the model howe affair with the to the woman and the central valley of the all- star to populate the green on 2:00 in the cave and stubborn to the one happening. >>reporter: again for today we have the clout they will drop the ban and depending on which you are what determine which are getting some wives in o'clock p.m. tonight opening back up again to here comes the cause of and at 7:00 a.m. was interesting as it depends how much concern we get to give us energy for the showers.
9:47 am
>>robin winston: unfortunately it is not looking too good in the westbound direction traffic is to know about the install is backing them is like a said with heavy traffic come from the east bank headed to the peninsula no problems on the bridge is stop and go from just west of the toll plaza is the quick check of
9:48 am
some troubled times time for next great for contra costa county's two to four minutes ought to 242 no problem for the nimitz getting better about a 34 minute ride and soften to 30 out to 37 tech and the ride on one 01 lead in the south bank of the gestapo. >>darya: happening tonight is the opening of cinderella we actually how the two of the lead tear.
9:49 am
>>: where and a good place about with remove ourselves from the reality so she has handled
9:50 am
it well she told us to get in the gulf war and at that point that his films like choreography basically getting
9:51 am
paid to the taurus and the city's
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>gabe slate: they're still making a lot of money they're not facing layoff anytime soon there ok for a while with at least until the next new biggest thing and can be a phone cases
9:55 am
apple might miss the boat on the next to nothing and pretty soon the 21-count to 7% of the profits.
9:56 am
>>gabe slate: nothing wrong for a can of nothing that is going to blow people out of the water so we don't know out was what to do to find the next product but it feels like from here. >>darya: the megahit musical hamilton has grabbed a record- breaking 16 tony award nominations for the tony awards
9:57 am
will be handed out on june 12th less-expensive lunch in the world will go on sale again next month when one of the options offer private mail tampa bay area charities. >>mark: he raised another $20 million of past 16 years for the glide foundation which helps homeless and sentences col--in san francisco >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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